About Us

Silence The Violence is a christian non-profit organization created out of a clear need for transformation in our community and nation. We believe that silence is being complicit in the violence. 

We have existed since 2019, after organizing a safe and engaging event for young people to bring in the new year. New Years, historically is one of the  most violent night of the year in Washington, DC. Silence The Violence has since, been on the frontline standing against systemic oppression, gun violence and poverty; supporting our communities by reaching out to hurting and grieving families, attending vigils, providing meals for youth and families and much more.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere-MLK jr

Our Mission

Silence the Violence is committed to ending violence within Wards 7 & 8 in Washington, DC by challenging racial and economic injustices, standing against inequalities, being peacemakers, and protecting human rights for the most vulnerable people in our society.


Our Vision

Our vision is to bring glory to God's name through advocating and fighting for a world where there is social and economic equity. Where everyone can live in a community with equal opportunity and the people are treated with dignity and humanity.We want true change and repentance in our communities.

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